Weirdest Dream Ever

So, I’ve had a lot of pretty crazy dreams, but I had a really weird one last night.
First of all, I was married (yeah, already weird, right?) to a really successful architect, and we had a very happy life together. He designed beautiful buildings and homes and I was a happy, supportive wife.

I got called to do an interview with some popular architecture magazine, so the writer of the article came to my house while my husband was away on a business trip. My husband had designed a pretty sweet pile of bricks for us. And I’m pretty sure we were living in Miami because this house looked a lot like the ones on CSI:Miami. You know, the spacious ones with light-colored interior, big windows, fancy staircases and tiled floors.

But anyway, there I was, sitting in my gorgeous living room with a reporter from Architecture Magazine talking about my husband’s designs. When asked to describe his architectural style, I said that it was “tessellation infused.” I didn’t know what “tessellation-infused” meant this morning when I woke up, so of course, I Googled it and found this website:

So it turns out that tessellations have something to do with art, and likely could be incorporated into architecture. This proves that I may be smarter in my dreams than I am in real life.

Back to the dream…I offered to show the reporter around so she could see examples of tessellations throughout the house, and I noticed that every time she walked into a room, she would flick her wrist like she was casting a spell.

I must have also had a baby because after the reporter left, I was in a nursery going through a laundry basket full of baby clothes. And then my husband called to see how the interview had gone.

I was walking out of the nursery door with the laundry basket in my hands and all of a sudden, I realized I couldn’t move. After trying to explain to my husband that I couldn’t move, he said, “Baby…if you can’t move and your hands are on the laundry basket, who’s holding the phone for you?”

That’s when I screamed because I realized that clearly the reporter had haunted our beautiful home and a ghost was holding the phone up to my ear. And that’s when I woke up.

Man, this would make an amazing movie…or a book! Didn’t Stephanie Meyer dream up Twilight?

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One Response to Weirdest Dream Ever

  1. M31 says:

    i just got scared

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