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$17 Penalty

My 10-year high school reunion is coming up. It costs $50 for singles and $75 for couples. I feel like couples are getting a buy one ticket, get the second half off deal and I feel like I’m being fined … Continue reading

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Nails on a Chalkboard

Do you have any pet peeves? I sure do: 1.) “But um”-I hate it when people say “but um.” I never noticed it before the How I Met Your Mother episode with the Robin Scherbatsky Drinking Game, but “but um” … Continue reading

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I Picked Up My Pen

It’s been about a year and a half since I started with this blog, and just for fun I decided to read over some of my earlier posts. Then I realized that my inaugural post, I Dropped My Fork doesn’t … Continue reading

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THAT Teacher

I was recently inspired by this entry from 1000 Awesome Things and started to think about the teachers who will be closing up their classroom doors at the end of the school year. Then I started thinking about all the … Continue reading

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