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On Immigration

The Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer recently signed a bill stating that will require police to ask people about immigration status if they suspect they here illegally. Failure to carry immigration documents would be a crime. Supporters of the bill … Continue reading

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How to Treat a Gentleman***

I was recently talking to a male friend about relationships. Somehow we got into a discussion about books on relationships, and I pointed out that many of the books giving out relationship advice focus on men and how to treat … Continue reading

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Two More Important Words

Why are they so hard to say? And when they are said, why are they followed by conciliatory remarks that are meant to appease the person saying them? (Ex: I’m sorry YOU feel hurt by what I said/did.) I’m sure … Continue reading

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Two Important Words

The closest thing I will ever have to an ego wall I’ve become fond of saying that writing actual letters and putting them in the mailbox is a lost art. Modern technology has advanced speedy forms of communication such as … Continue reading

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Measure in Love

I have been reading John Lewis’s memoir, Walking with the Wind, and he describes an incident where young children were marching for equality and were attacked by policemen with water hoses. Months afterwards, the chief of police who was authorized … Continue reading

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