When a Heart Breaks

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset When your heart breaks, it means you’re being forced to say goodbye.

Goodbye to being the winner of the championship game.

Goodbye to the town you’ve called home.

Goodbye to the job you’ve loved and learned at for years.

Goodbye to a loved one after a long illness cuts life short.

Goodbye to a friend who – because of no one’s fault but because of the circumstances of distance and time – has drifted away.

Goodbye to the one who you thought was “THE ONE.”

If your heart is breaking, it means that you’re having to say goodbye. It hurts. And that’s okay.

Some of these goodbyes are easier than others. When you say good-bye to a person you don’t care for very much or when you close one chapter of your life knowing that a more exciting one is coming when you turn the page, the heartbreak doesn’t sting so much. When you say good-bye to someone who has touched your life in a special way or when you don’t understand the “why” behind the goodbye, the pain cuts much deeper.

When people ask me what I dislike the most, I always say “good-byes.” I hate letting go of w hat (and whom) I’ve loved, especially when a “why” doesn’t accompany the goodbye. Nothing hurts me more than turning my back on people who have brought me companionship, comfort, and happiness – unless it’s them turning their back on me because of my failures. I could go on and on, but it comes down to the same thing:

Heartbreaks are caused by good-byes.

It seems to me that the only remedy for a goodbye is a cocktail of faith and love. That’s what brings you peace.

Faith is what leads you to believe that something better awaits you after the goodbye. It’s the convalescent that convinces you that the good-bye will lead to something fruitful that will lead to some greater purpose in the future. Faith is what serves to sustain you when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, when the road is too long or that the thought of taking another step is impossible. And then there’s love, which makes us realize that it will eventually be okay. It’s love that leads us to show others our scars, to show them the wounds that have caused us to hurt, that something isn’t quite right. It’s love that allows us to shed tears, yell, scream and proclaim that the goodbye just isn’t fair. And ultimately it’s love that dries the tears, calms the shouts and assuages the heartache.

You don’t forget it. But you do begin to understand. You begin to accept the goodbye. Your heart begins to heal. You lift your chin up and take a step forward. And you know that it will all be okay.

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2 Responses to When a Heart Breaks

  1. Sarah says:

    *tears* I get this. Goodbyes hurt. Even if, in the long run, they’re good and right and necessary. I was just processing through this myself on our personal family blog (http://www.theredheads-steele.com/2016/03/01/on-grief-in-times-of-joy/). Wrote a poem about it, cuuuz that’s what I do when I need to process;) Anyhoo, found your blog from The Writing Collective and wanted to say hello:)

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