twcbadge2Something that you may not know about me is that I’ve always had a dream of being a writer…not just someone who types up a blog but an honest to goodness going to the printers writer. In order to sharpen my skills, I joined a few writing groups and have found a lot of joy in The Writing Collective and just sharing some of my work with the members there. I’ve also realized that I want to feed myself by learning to other creatives, so I’ve been spending my evening listening to an Amy Porterfield podcast featuring Jasmine Star.

Jasmine Star is a pro at marketing and social media, so when she was talking about how she markets to her client, Elle, I was all ears. She told anecdotes about Elle and where she grew up, what things she liked and what she did for a living. The whole time, all I could think was, “Wow…I wanna buy those soaps that Elle sells!” She ended her talk about Elle by saying, “I made Elle up.”

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Toto always listens to podcasts with me…and then he helps me edit my stories. 

I was a little bit disappointed…There would be no soap-buying at the farmers market for me. But it got me thinking…who is my client? Or in my case, as a writer, who is my reader? Of course, I started to write…but just a few words in, I felt like I wasn’t writing about my ideal client. I was writing about a character who could star in my next story:

Vivian is in her early 30s. She grew up in the south, loves brick houses and just gotten married to a man who she’s known for five years but only dated for eight months. Together they’re updating their house that was built in the early 1990s. Their home is smaller than what they expected it to be, but more importantly it’s cozy. Vivian is a teacher, and her husband, Curtis is an anesthesiologist. They met through mutual friends who introduced them at a church picnic. Vivian wasn’t impressed with Curtis when she first met him. She thought they didn’t have much in common. She spent her free time reading books on rainy days and gardening while he enjoyed running triathlons and movie theaters.The thing that brought them together was their faith and good food. Their first date was at a new restaurant that touted itself as “New World fusion,” carrying a wide selection of tapas and fine wines. Neither of them liked the food, but they enjoyed the company. Their next date was at a hole in the wall bbq joint. He was impressed by her appetite. She appreciated the way he looked at her–and only her.

Vivian loves pretty teacups and fresh flowers-peonies over roses; orchids over lilies. She doesn’t like coffee although Curtis enjoys a cup of black coffee every morning as Vivian adds a splash of soy milk to her chai tea. They live busy lives, just barely making it to a quick dinner together and an evening walk with their two dogs before falling into bed by ten o’clock.

Sure I set out thinking about my “ideal client,” but I got to thinking about how much I want to get to know Vivian and Curtis more. I want to know what they do on their Sunday mornings. I want to know how they decided to first start dating. What are their goals? What are their dreams? What are their childhoods like? When it comes to this thing called marriage, are they going to make it?

What do you think of Vivian and Curtis? Are they characters you’d care to learn more about?

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