It Looked Better on Pinterest Part VIII: As American as Raspberry Cheesecake

I’m a little late on a 4th of July post, but who’s really keeping track of a calendar? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up on a Wednesday thinking it was Friday.

I’ve never been big on 4th of July. Sure I love America and am grateful to be a citizen of this great nation, but fireworks were never really my thing. In fact, I have a 7 year old shih tzu who’s terrified of big bangs, so I usually spend the day at a BBQ and return home to comfort my shaking puppy.

As the child of immigrants who came over to the States in the 1960s, I also never understood the phrase ” as American as apple pie.”  When we had summer picnics, they usually featured Filipino fare that my family was raised on. Far from the hamburgers and hotdogs (and of course apple pie), we would have pansit, lumpia, and if we were feeling really festive, lechon. Sometimes we’d get really patriotic and get a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (which we’d eat with rice).


Raspberries from the Farmers Market…Don’t worry, the blackberries have a role in the story, too.

This year when I was invited to a BBQ, I debated bringing some lumpia but didn’t want to go through all the work of wrapping and frying. Instead, I said I would bring a dessert. After picking up some beautiful fresh raspberries and taking a look at Pinterest (of course), I settled on a recipe for raspberry white chocolate cheesecake pie from Bakerita.

I’ve never been big on baking, mostly because I don’t like to have to measure ingredients. That’s why I loved the Bakerita recipe. It went by container size (just dump the whole thing in), and it was a “no-bake” recipe.

I started out with a homemade 20150704_101801graham cracker crust. I lie. It’s not all graham cracker. A friend of mine once made a cheesecake and put a secret ingredient in it, and I decided to use it in this. Any guess on what the “secret” is? Don’t worry, it wasn’t raisins. I’ve nevver been able to roll out a perfect pie crust, (maybe it’s because I substitute an empty wine bottle for a rolling pin) so I was pretty proud of this. Were there uneven spots with crust thicker in some places than others? Yes. Did it matter when you 20150704_104456were eating it? Absolutely not!

After mixing up the proper filling ingredients (a packet of cream cheese, a tub of cool whip and 1/2 cup of powdered sugar) I poured it over layers of melted white chocolate and raspberries. Of course, I was a little bit concerned over the fact that what was on my countertop didn’t look as good as what was on Pinterest. (My kitchen also doesn’t come equipped with a food stylist or a camera better than my smartphone camera- what do you want from me?) I tried to pretty it up with the raspberries (I couldn’t help stop thinking about Monica telling Rachel to put marshmallows in concentric circles on their Thanksgiving sweet potatoes) and melted white chocolate. Melting white chocolate, by the way, can turn out pretty poorly if you don’t know what you’re doing. For some reason that probably has to do with sugar content or something else scientific that I’ll just pretend to know about white chocolate has a small window of time during which it will melt well. If you don’t warm it enough, you’ll get lumpy chocolate. If you warm it too much, it solidifies when you stir it. Anyway, I came out with something that looked like this:


Not too shabby if I say so myself. And while I know it may not be food blogger quality, I was pretty flattered when I took it to the BBQ and someone said it was “her favorite thing there.” I think I’ve found my new American dessert recipe!

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