Spring Cleaning

20150325_122205 20150325_122126Birds are chirping. The sun is making an appearance. Pollen is in the air and nearly every store from Target to Macy’s is advertising Easter eggs and pastel sundresses. It can only mean one thing: Spring is upon us!

I am thrilled that it’s finally time to start pulling out dresses and sandals, but when I started putting my boots away, I noticed that my closets were a MESS! I decided it was time for a little spring cleaning. With Easter right coming up, what better time to sprinkle a little bit of renewal in my place of residence?

This is what my closet looks like today:

20150328_185245 20150325_125221Pretty good, right? And the best part was that it took less than two hours total to complete.

A few tips to get your Spring Cleaning underway:

1.) Don’t think that you have to do everything all at once.-Like I said, it took me about two hours to clean up this little closet. I did the pantry one day before work and finished the closet side on my day off. Cleaning is so much more bearable when you break it up into smaller tasks.

2.) Throw stuff away if you haven’t touched it in over 6 months. As I started to go through my pantry, I found a bag of cookies that had been sitting there for almost a year. Why was I even hanging on to them? I blame Pinterest with all their scrumptious desserts that include cookie crumbs. Who am I kidding? I’m never going to make most of them. I also saw a pair of old ballet flats that were beginning to fall apart in my closet. While I absolutely loved then while they were in season, it was time to say goodbye to them.

3.) Make use of plastic storage tubs. I put all of my Christmas decorations into one storage tub. These storage boxes are available at many stores from Target to Lowe’s (I got mine from Big Lots.) and are an inexpensive and durable way to organize things that you want to be out of the way for a season.

4.)Use a step ladder-Let’s be real here. I’m short. I’m not going to be able to reach the top shelf, but not using it is such a waste of valuable space! And it’s key to keep using it. Otherwise, everything just gets shoved onto the lower shelves. Not tidy at all!

5.) Put similar items together. I have a bad habit of just shoving things wherever there’s space. That meant that wine bottles were with tupperware; onions were next to a half full box of taco shells; cookies were next to pasta. Things are so much easier to find when the napkins are next to other paper products and canned tomatoes are next to canned kidney beans.

6.) A place for everything and everything in its place. Have I mentioned yet that it’s important to not do this all in one sitting? I guess that brings me to my last point, which is that you take a few minutes to stay organized when you unload groceries or pack up seasonal items, you won’t find yourself taking two hours to clean up. I’m not always great at that. As much as I like to call myself “moderately tidy,” I know that I have those days when it’s just easier to drape my jacket over a dining room table or tell myself that I’ll throw the stale pretzels away when there’s more room in the trash can. With longer, brighter days, what better way to find that motivation to stay organized?

Happy Spring everyone!

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