It Looked Better on Pinterest, Part IX: Skinny Poolside Dip

Summertime is right around the corner, and summertime is synonymous with outdoor picnics and BBQs. My apartment complex was having a BBQ and I volunteered to bring a side dish. I wanted to do something simple, so I turned to my I Said Dip it, Dip it Good board on Pinterest and selected a recipe called Skinny Poolside Dip from the Clever Housewife blog.

First of all, I’m not really sure why it was called skinny. When I heard the name, I was definitely envisioning a low fat, low calorie dip that wouldn’t make you feel so bad eating it by the poolside. But when I saw that the recipe called for 16 oz. of cream cheese, I knew that wasn’t necessarily the case. Sure, the recipe also called for a bell pepper, corn, and jalapenos, but with cream cheese, it’s safe to say that this isn’t a diet food!

I’m a huge fan of recipes that direct you to just throw everything into a bowl, and this is what I ended up with.


It took some muscle to combine everything into an even consistency (I probably should have let cream cheese sit outside of the fridge for a little while before trying to mix the other ingredients into it), but the end product wasn’t bad at all. I tried it with my Naturebox Everything Bagel Stix and automatically decided that this is a dip worth making again! The jalapenos give it just the right amount of kick and the corn, bell pepper and olives are the perfect flavor combination for the cream cheese base. I don’t think the ranch mix makes much of a difference in the flavor, so you can probably eliminate it (and the extra salt) and still have a tasty side dish for potlucks or summer picnics.


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