Support Your Local Library


“I have three different library cards for three different libraries.”

Believe it or not, a friend of mine once said those words, and they automatically made him attractive. He went on to explain that he still had access to the library at the university he graduated from, the local library and a third library closeby that he paid a fee to be able to visit.

As an avid reader, I love having a home full of books…books on the shelves, books on the tables, books in bed, books everywhere. I have an e-reader that I use for travel, but there’s nothing quite like the feel of pages between your fingers, the tight binding of a new book and the musty smell of old books. When I was a little girl, books were my friends when I was cooped up at home and the neighborhood kids couldn’t come out to play. Sundays at the grocery store after Mass were for standing in the book aisle (yes, at the GROCERY STORE) to see if anything new had come in since the previous week.

Naturally, the library was fascinating to me. All those books for free! I could check out all the books I was interested in reading but didn’t want to buy. I could expand my interests by checking out books on whatever hobby I was attracted to at the time. When I was stuck in bed after having dental surgery, I watched DVDs I had rented from the local library. Also, I’m fortunate enough to be close to a library that also supports local artists (often from the public shools) through art exhibits and performances. It seems only right to go to these events as well.

A friend of mine and I recently visited two nearby libraries for book sales. I spent about $12 on all of the books in the photo above. All proceeds went to an organization called Friends of the Library.

How could you not take advantage of deals like these?

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