100 Days of Happy

A friend of mine recently posted a challenge on Facebook: to post a picture  every day of something that made you happy within the past 24 hours. So far she has posted great pictures of everyhing from her siblings to her dog.

Over the past few days, I have also faced some frustration over a constant stream of negativity with people complaining about frustrations with coworkers and people not throwing their trash in the rigt trashcan (seriously…people complain about this).

I have seen two ends of the spectrum, with people choosing to be positive or choosing to be negative. I choose to be happy. Sure there are things that have happened to me that I don’t appreciate, but just like everyone else, I have a choice, and I choose to have a positive perspetcive on life.

Sometimes there are little things that make me happy like getting my Naturebox a day earlier than I expected:


Or a really delicious wine tasting


Sometimes it’s something bigger like having a job that I love or being with my loved ones, but either way, there is always a lot to be happy about.

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