It Looked Better on Pinterest Part VIII: Macaroni and Cheese

Thanks to this polar vortex sweeping across the nation, the weather is still frightful, and frightful weather calls for comfort food. I have always loved a good macaroni and cheese. I think powdered cheese is a crime against food, so I am always on the lookout for good recipes that use real cheese. On this frigid and gloomy day, I turned to Pinterest and came across this recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I was pretty impressed that it only used one skillet and decided to give it a try.


The fewer the ingredients the better! The recipe also called for dry mustard and hot sauce, which I opted against. As always, Jesus is watching me in the kitchen!


I improvised a bit on ingredients here because I didn’t have the evaporated milk that the recipe called for and I figured almond milk would work just as well. In hindsight, evaporated milk would probably yield a cramier sauce, sans a nutty flavor.


The sauce looked a little thin to me, but once I added some flour (No cornstarch in my household…oopsie! Fortunately the amount used was so minimal that it probably doesn’t matter too much.) and the two types of cheese, the sauce thickened up.


The result was pretty satisfying, but I would definitely add the mustard and hot sauce for some extra kick if I make it again. I had a serving alongside some collard greens and all I could think about was how good a slice of meatloaf would have been on this dish!

Stay warm eveyone!

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