Trying New Things: Sparkling Wine

My regular readers may remember that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to try new things.

Today I had a chance to do just that. After a work meeting, some colleagues and I decided to pay a little visit to a sparkling wine tasting room. Although it’s certainly not my first time visiting a winery or tasting room, this was the first time I had an opportunity to try sparkling wine made here in Washington.

ImageTreveri Cellars is a family-owned sparkling wine cellar in Yakima, Washington. Although they’ve only been around for a few years, their wine is gaining international recognition, and they’ve even had their wines served at the State Department! We were greeted by the kind host who proceeded to serve us. Fortunately, it wasn’t very crowded, so we settled at a spot right in front of the fireplace.

ImageWe started with a few white wines which I wasn’t a big fan of. Maybe it’s my immature palate, but I didn’t think there was anything too special about them and they all tasted the same.

ImageHowever, when we got to the rose I was pleasantly surprised and became more excited about the tasting. Maybe it’s the fact that the whites are what we usually see at weddings or other celebrations, but a sparkling rose just isn’t something you see everyday. (In fact, Treveri is the only winery in Washington that makes its own sparkling wine on site!) First and foremost, it tasted like a rose-light, refreshing, crisp-but the bubbly carbonation gave it a little something special. By the way, I also learned that the size of the bubbles indicates whether the carbonation happened naturally or if it was injected. If the bubbles are larger, the carbonation was injected, but smaller bubbles indicate a natural carbonation process.

ImageAs much as I loved the rose, I ended up buying a bottle of the Syrah, which reminded my colleague of beef jerky. Although I moderately agreed with him, I certainly wasn’t turned off by the peppery, smoky taste.

The host was kind enough to share a cocktail with us that was made from this same Syrah and Da Vinci’s white chocolate syrup. If you like to drink your desserts, this is the perfect sweet concoction! (And I may be out looking for a bottle of Da Vinci’s white chocolate syrup soon!)

It was then that I concluded that sparkling wine isn’t just about the taste. It’s an experience that you enjoy. You feel it; you smell; and of course, you taste it. Maybe that’s why sparkling wines are so prominent at special occasions. Popping that bottle open isn’t just about having a drink. It’s about having a celebration.

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