“Nobody Does it Like Georgia”

With Florida State’s win over Auburn last night in the BCS Championship, college football season came to an end. I’m left wondering, “What am I going to do on Saturdays now?”

Obviously my team didn’t make it to Pasadena for the big game, but I couldn’t be prouder of my Bulldawgs. They faced setback after setback with losing important players to injuries, and of course, I wonder what might have been. Still, this season will go down in history as one of the most memorable.


I just can’t forget the collective cheers of the Bulldawg nation when Aaron Murray announced that he would return for his senior season. From that point on, our respect for this DGD grew and grew. We all felt our hearts soar after the LSU game when Coach Mark Richt embraced Murray and said, “Nobody does it like Georgia.” We also felt our hearts sink when number 11 left the field too soon after getting injured in the Kentucky game.

With all the drama and ego surrounding other quarterbacks from other teams, I was proud of our team’s leader for being an academic scholar (he left the University not only with countless records but also a degree), a community servant (check out his work with Very Special People) and a man who simply loved the game and loved the fans.

Aside from our fearless leader, we were blessed with the eloquence of Chris Conley, the athletic prowess of Todd Gurley and a team that was only one of four in the nation to graduate 100% of its seniors.

And while the criticism certainly came his way, I still feel nothing but loyalty to Coach Mark Richt. They say attitude reflects leadership, and Richt was our calm and composed leader. He didn’t embarrass us with erratic tirades. He didn’t throw the players around, but he was firm.

And as the fans pack up their tailgating gear, I can’t help but want to pull on a red and black t-shirt one last time and celebrate what it means to be a Bulldawg, what it means to know it’s The Arch, not the Arches, to feel that rush when you walk into Sanford Stadium and to know how to Call the Dawgs. It’s about a southern charm that is unlike any other. It’s knowing that you have some protection under the pillars of Wisdom, Justice and Moderation. It’s a walk across North Campus on a warm spring day covered in pollen and knowing you are a part of the greatest institution of higher education in the nation.

‘Cause just like Coach said, “Nobody does it like Georgia.”

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