Naturebox Review #3


I am always happy when I come home to a Naturebox, so my blog subscribers will get to hear about every single delivery. This month’s, titled the “A Healthy Halloween” offered snacks that will be a better alternative to the sugar, sugar and, more sugar that will be in grocery stores througout the month of October: French toast granola, pear praline crunch, flax crostini bites, honeycomb sunflower kernels, and sourdough cheddar pretzels.

The first snack I tried was the pear praline crunch:


The smell alone was enough to make this well worth the subscription. I opened the bag and could smell pears right away. When I took the first bite, I felt like it was such a treat. It really did taste like candy! However, with just 12 grams of sugar per serving, this is way better than a Kit Kat.

Next I tried the sourdough cheddar pretzels:


You may remember a snack called Combos, which featured some kind of fake chese filling in a pretzel roll. These pretzels remind me of Combos, but with 320 mg of sodium per serving compared to 550 in Combos per serving these are clearly way better.

Every time I hear flax, I think of something people put into their protein shakes.


Apparently, flax has gotten such a good reputation among health nuts because it can help fight a lot of ailments like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. I learned that it is high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which make it good for you. These bites are true to the name. If you have ever had a good crostini, you may begin to reminisce about it when you have it in this miniature form. The dime-sized bites really taste like a little toast of bread!


I didn’t really get a whole lot of the “French toast” taste, but I love getting granola in my boxes because they go great in my morning yogurt.


Last was the Honeycomb Sunflower seeds. In my first box, my favorite snack was the Country Ranch Sunflower seeds. The taste of these seeds were a lot more subtle and just sligtly sweet. I guess I was expecting more sweetness, but they will still go well in salad with a nice honey vinaigarette.

Three Natureboxes and three happy months of snacking for me!

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