Naturebox Review #2

About a month ago, I reviewed my very first Naturebox.

Just a couple of days ago, I received my second Naturebox and am happy to say that they definitely did not disappoint.


ImageIf you’re in to sweet snacks, you’ll love the Cranberry Macaroon Granola. The card that the snacks came with said that you’d love the “cranberry and coconut-kissed granola.” I’m happy to eat it straight out of the bag because the description on the card is true to what’s inside the bag. It’s crunchy, sweet and and slightly buttery. I love it in my morning yogurt.







When I think of fall, I definitely think of flavors like caramel. With the big corporations coming up with salted caramel everything, I wasn’t too surprised to see this in this month’s shipment, which was nicknamed the “autumn eats and treats” box. The caramel “shell” is just subtly sweet and the salty pretzel on the inside made this snack slightly reminiscent of kettle corn.





The chia seed crackers are by far my favorite in this month’s box! I had no idea what chia seeds were, so I looked them up and learned that they’re from a plant related to the mint family and they have lots of health benefits. At any rate, they’re good enough to satisfy my salty snack craving without blowing my salt intake for the day. They’re also the perfect size and shape for dips, so I’m  hoping to try it with hummus or guacamole.





Although all of the snacks have some great qualities and are all better than most of the junk you see on the shelves in grocery stores, I had to say I wasn’t a fan of the Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Pumpkin Seeds. First of all, I was hoping to have actual seed kernels, so I was disappointed to see them clustered. Aside from that, I wasn’t too thrilled with the taste, and it seemed like all of the “cracked pepper” flavor was concentrated in the middle of the cluster and could definitely be overwhelming if you’re not a pepper fan.





Finally, the Smoky BBQ Peas are a reminder of why I love these snacks. While many flavored snacks on the market (whether they’re chips, crackers, nuts, or cookies) are overwhelmingly seasoned, the flavors in the Naturebox snacks are subtle but still tasty. These peas remind me of the corn nuts that I loved as a kid but just can’t stomach as an adult. They’re the kind of crunchy that your dentist hates with the flavor that’s just enough to make you want to eat the whole bag in one sitting.



Again, these snacks are totally worth the money. I’m actually planning to give my niece the gift of Naturebox. She’s currently in her sophomore year at college with limited dorm space and an even more limited budget. But anyone in college knows that the late night munchies often leave you reaching for greasy potato chips and cookies that help contribute to the notorious “Freshman 15” (Or Sophomore 30).

Although there was one snack that I wasn’t too pleased with, I’m not concerned because Naturebox even allows you to contact your “snack concierge” and they’ll replace the snack in your next box. Pretty good deal, huh? I definitely think so.

So, if you feel compelled to try it, you can follow this link for a $10 off coupon…and I feel like I should disclose, too, that if you try it out via this link I get a $10 credit, too.

You’ve really got nothing to lose!

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