NatureBox Review

I always try to eat healthy and truly believe that no matter how hard you try, you can’t exercise a bad diet out of your body. I typically stick to lots of fruits and veggies and lean protein and try to stay away from processed foods.

I have one downfall: SNACKING!

There are times at work when 3:00PM hits and I just need a pick me up to help get me through the day. It’s awful, I know, but I have a bad habit of grabbing a bag of chips or a couple of cookies that happen to be lying around the office. And the truth about me and chips is that I really can’t eat just one. It just feels so good to crunch on some BBQ kettle chips or grab a handful of Doritos…until half a bag later when I feel awful about what I’ve just put into my body.

That’s why I was thrilled to hear about NatureBox through the Picky Palate blog. (Jenny Flake, the woman behind it, by the way, is amazing. I swear she’d be able to make dessert out of a cardboard box and rubber bands if she had to.)

Naturebox is a company that promotes healthy diets by delivering a variety of healthy snacks to their customers once a month. After reading the website and learning about how it works, I decided to give it a try.

There are three options, depending on how many snacks you want each month, and I chose the NatureBox Deluxe Package, which costs $19.95/month for 5 full-size (between 4-6 ounces) snacks. Shipping is even free!

I was pretty excited when my first delivery ended up in my mailbox about a week after placing my first order.


SIX Snacks! Apparently you get a “welcome snack” with your first shipment.  I was eager to try them all.

This box came with:


1. Country Ranch Sunflower Seeds-These were my favorite! I’m all about tasty savory snacks, so I was happy to see these in the box. When I opened the bag and popped the first bit into my mouth, I was even happier. These have a subtle ranch flavor without being overpowering, and they’re a great substitute for croutons if you like to have a little bit of crunch in your salads.





Image2. Lemon Tea Biscuits-Thankfully, these biscuits are a lot smaller than a typical sweet tea accompaniment. At about the size of a quarter, they’re well portioned and have just the right amount of lemon flavor.








Image3. Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars-I wasn’t so sure what to expect when I first saw this package in the box, but when I opened it, I felt a flash of nostalgia. The individually-wrapped bars looked a lot like the Fig Newtons (Does anyone else remember the commercials that claimed “they’re not cookies. They’re fruited cake?”) that my dad loved to eat when I was growing up. But they’re better! They’re fruity but not cloyingly sweet like fig newtons from my childhood.







4. Big Island Pineapple-Although I really did like all of the snacks in the box, I have to say this one was my least favorite. When I opened the bag, I had high hopes because it smelled like a tropical island! However, they’re a lot chewier than I expected them to be, and they stick to your teeth…My dentist wouldn’t be too pleased, but these are still better than buying the dried pineapple that tastes like it’s been rolled in sugar.




Image5. Cherry Ganache Granola-I brought this “welcome snack” to work today to have a little something to nosh on when I needed a little boost. As I was nibbling, I pulled out something that looked like a piece of a plum. I thought it was strange and figured it got mixed in from another snack, but when I picked out another one, I realized they were real dry cherries! What a great surprise x2! A bonus welcome snack with real fruit in it! The “ganache” provides just a bit of a chocolatey flavor. Yum!




6. Garden Tomato Almonds-I love tomatoes, so I was most excited about trying these almonds. I loved that you can still tell that they’re almonds. The taste is pretty subtle, unlike other flavored almonds I have had that are all flavor no nut. These have a nice smoky finish. Nature Box suggests using them in a pesto sauce in place of pine nuts. I’m going to have to keep that in mind the next time I’m making pasta!




In short, I’m pretty pleased with my purchase and am looking forward to my next box.

NatureBox uses natural ingredients and don’t add any high fructose corn syrups, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners,  flavors, or colors. BIG BONUS: I can pronounce all of the ingredients on the ingredient list!

BIG BONUS #2, for every box they ship, they are able to buy a meal to help fight hunger here in the United States. Healthy eating and lending a helping hand? Can’t go wrong with that!

If you’re interested in trying NatureBox at a discounted price, go to this link for a $10 off coupon…and I feel like I should disclose, too, that if you try it out via this link I get a $10 credit, too.

Here’s to happy snacking!

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