Wear This, Not That Part II: Shorts

With temperatures creeping up in my hometown, I have been wanting to eat nothing but ice cream, build an igloo on my patio and pack up my pants and stick them in a corner neve to be seen again.


I will forever be a dresses and skirts wearer, but every now and then (like when it’s hot AND windy), I find that it’s more practical to wear shorts. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of a lot of the styles on the market these days. The worst trend I have seen are these:


Who in their right mind wears short shorts like these WITH THE POCKETS SHOWING?! On purpose?! And if you notice, there are people googling how to MAKE these atrocities. AND some manufacturers are SELLING them like this!

I guess this leads me to the question of when it comes to summer fashion, have people completely lost their minds?

Hemlines are creeping up higher and higher and bikinis are becoming itsier and bitsier. I get that “sex sells,” but I favor styles that flatter the woman and preserves her dignity. Tiny shorts that fail to cover anything don’t accomplish that.

My tip: If they don’t cover the pockets, they don’t cover enough.

Anyone know where I migt beable to get normal shorts like these? They’re the only normal pair I own.


While I’m at it, allowme to push a brand that I love for trying to bring back classy, modest swimwear. Visit Rey Swimwear.

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