It Looked Better On Pinterest, Part VI: Carpet Stain Remover

So I spilled some tea on one of my dining room chairs and had hoped I caught it with paper towels quickly enough so it wouldn’t stain. I didn’t. After Shout didn’t work, I decided to turn to Pinterest. I found this carpet stain remover and decided to try it on my chair.


I sprinkled baking soda on the stain like the directions said.  After mixing the dishwashing liquid, vinegar and warm water, I got hopeful.


After applying the solution….ta-da!


Just kidding. That’s one of my other chairs.

The stained one still looks like this:


See my puppy?

This was one of those instances where it really did look better on Pinterest. 😦

Anyone have ideas on how I can get that nasty stain out?

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