30×30 Closest Remix Challenge Week 3


I got a haircut (still trying to decide if I like it) and a root canal (I have a great dentist who made it pretty much painless, but I did not like it) this week, so really, my outfits weren’t really at the forefront of my mind this week. And plus, I ran into another challenge when it comes to this closet remix:


It was in the mid-70s at the beginning of the week, which was absolutely beautiful. I was excited about sitting out by the pool and catching some sunshine, but by the middle/end of the week, it was rainy and in the upper 30s (ergo the scarf in the last pic)! And I found myself wondering…what do I do with my outfits?!

Here are a few things that I realized:

1. I am not a boots person. Unless said boots are heeled and knee high over a great pair of skinny jeans, I am not a fan of boots. However, the storms that we’ve been having here have made me consider investing a cute pair of rain boots.

2. Once I’ve put away my sweaters and heavy coats, there’s no turning back. As much as I love them, I am no fan of pulling out cardigans in May. You can’t make a summer dress cold weather ready just by tossing a cardigan over it. And once peacoats are in the back of the closet, they are staying there until winter time.

3. When you’ve found a good dentist, don’t let him get away! Seriously, have you ever had a painless root canal?

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