30×30 Closet Remix Challenge Week 1

So I guess that when you take a challenge like this, you realize how much you have in your closet. Even when I was selecting my items, I had a hard time leaving certain pieces behind. I guess the thing with this particular exercise is that it starts out easy and gets harder as you try to create different options for what you already have.

30x30 Week 1

I’ve been explaining the concept to my coworkers and have shown them the 30 items I selected. One was impressed that I went through the trouble to hang the items nicely for the photo in the previous post. Another asked me if I’m supposed to throw out the items I don’t wear after the 30 days. (No!)

So here goes, outfits from Week 1:


I started simple with one of my most favorite outfits of all time: Black and white H&M dress with strappy cork heels. I love this dress. It fits perfectly and is super soft and comfortable. The heels have also become a wardrobe staple as I have become fond of saying to my peers that I was “born in heels.”


I got a little more casual with a denim skirt and this yellow wrap shirt that my aunt got for me in the Philippines. I love wrap styles. They’re so classic and especially cool in warm temperatures. And of course…heels. White this time.


I have a feeling I may regret selecting this dress as one of my items. I love the pattern,but it isn’t very versatile. Any ideas?


I love fun, springy colors, ergo this guava-colored top. The shape is comfortable – nice and flowy, and the neckline keeps it from being too plain.


The last outfit, blue jeans and the sleeveless yellow scalloped top is another common choice for my soring/summer wardrobe. Don’t be surprised if it makes an encore!

A couple of other things I’ve learned:
1.) My fashion commentary needs work. Writing descriptively about my style will be a new experience for me, but hopefully it will also sharpen my journalistic skills.
2.) Taking pictures of myself is not one of my strengths. (Should I smile? Should I pose? What kind of lighting should I use?) Hopefully I’ll get a little more creative with my selfie skills as the month goes on. 🙂

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