My Mom


One of my favorite things about today has been seeing everyone wish their mothers a Happy Mothers Day.

So many of my friends on social media have been sharing photos of their mothers holding them as children, acting silly and celebrating life’s special moments.

The stories of how mothers have cooked, cleaned, fixed boo boos and wiped away tears have all been very sweet, but I think my mom definitely stands above them all.

I don’t think that I have seen anyone sacrifice more than my mom. She took care of six kids, and when we were all grown up, she started taking care of grandkids. She has moved cross country three times to take care of us, and she always strives to give us more than she ever had growing up.

Like all kids, we’ve all made mistakes. There were times when we’ve made some whoppers, but she hasn’t loved us any less. She has been forgiving. She has been understanding. She has been accomodating beyond belief, sacrificing for people who I could never imagine helping.

I guess that’s why I love her so much. Her heart is so much bigger than mine can ever be. I’ve often heard her tell me, “I love you more.” I don’t really know how she can do that, but I suppose it’s because she’s my mom, and that’s just what she does.

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