30×30 Closet Remix Challenge: Let’s Get this Started!


After much consideration, I have selected my items for the 30×30 Closet Remix Challenge.

Here’s what I picked:


3 pairs of jeans
1. Basic boot cut jeans
2. Dark wash straight fit jeans
3. Skinny jeans


2 jackets
4. White short sleeved jacket
5. Basic denim jacket


4 Short sleeved shirts
6. Black and white striped boatneck shirt
7. Jade green flowy top
8. Patterned brown, blue an green ruffle top
9. Yellow wrap shirt


5 Sleeveless Tops
10. Black layering tank
11. Yellow scalloped top
12. White layering top
13. Purple ruffle top
14. Orange layering tank


5 skirts
15. Khaki skirt
16. Black pencil skirt
17. Basic denim skirt
18. Green sequin trimmed skirt
19. Black and white stripe high low skirt


4 Dresses
20. Bronze sleeveless dress
21. Black and white chevron dress
22. Blue paisley print dress
23. Black strapless dress


2 Pairs of pant
24. Black pants
25. White pnts


5 Pairs of Shoes
26. Black strppy shoes
27. Cheetah print pumps
28 Nude pumps
29. Tan sandals
30 White strappy heels

No turning back now!

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