It Looked Better on Pinterest, Part III: Parsnip Fries

I love French fries.

It’s hard for me to pass up a perfectly fried potato. Sweet potato, waffle, shoestring, curly. I love them all!

I also know, however, that they aren’t particularly good for you. That’s why I was pleased when David Pollack posted this recipe for parsnip fries. Although I never considered a carrot-like vegetable as a viable substitute for my favorite fried indulgence, I decided to give it a go.


I started out with about a pound of parsnips. I had a hard time chopping them. They seem to be a bit firmer and perhaps more fibrous than carrots, but I managed to get them into the strips that the recipe called for. And maybe I just didn’t select the best parsnips at the grocery store. (Any tips on what makes a parsnip the creme of the crop?)


I think what made this recipe so good was the use of fresh rosemary. I had always heard of pairing rosemary with meats but probably wouldn’t have thought to put it on any kind of french fry.


Roughly 25 minutes later, I had this delicious lunch. I paired my fries with some leftover chicken parm. Yum!

The verdict on the fries: They are definitely a great substitute for French fries, but I can’t see myself giving up Mr. Potato completely. Also when the recipe says to cook in a single layer, it’s a good idea to do so. Otherwise, you end up with some fries that are a lot more tender and some that are just plain undercooked.

Do you have any favorite substitutes for not so healthy foods?

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