It Looked Better on Pinterest, Part II: 7 Layer Dip

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

If you’re not parked in front of the TV for the big game, chances are you’re parked in the kitchen whipping up some snacks for kickoff.

This year I decided to try my hand at 7-layer dip. I had some leftover food from a previous party and decided to use up what I had. I used this recipe from the Buns in My Oven blog that I of course found on Pinterest.


I started off with a bean and tomato mixture for the first layer. Actually, I improvised with some fresh tomatoes as opposed to using the
canned ones that the recipe called for.


Then came the guacamole layer…ummm…I hope my Super Bowl party guests aren’t avocado obsessed ’cause this was all the guac I had.


Layer 3 consisted of sour cream mixed with an envelope of taco seasoning. I don’t really like premade seasonings. I find them too salty for my taste. (Hehe. I’m punny.) So, I used about a tablespoon of my own taco seasoning.


Then came a layer of cheese. Easy enough.


And it was all topped off with olives and green onions.


Here’s the side view. Not sure if I can count all 7 layers…

And my version may not look good enough to pin, but it looks good enough to eat!

Go Ravens!

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