Wear this, Not That. Part I: Boots

While I was getting ready for work today, I noticed that I was about to commit a fashion crime (in my eyes anyway.)

I just got a great pair of Franco Sarto boots that I absolutely love, so I was pairing them with a yellow Forever 21 sweater. Then I was trying to figure out what pair of pants would look best. I immediately went to my khaki pants. But this is what happened:

ImageMy pants looked bulky and bunched around my boots. I hated it. Why waste a good pair of boots on pants that make you look like you have wrinkly elephant legs? (No offense to elephants intended.) So I tried this instead:

ImageBy then I thought, “Why hide the boots?”

ImageI ended up with this and was much happier.

Fashion Lesson: If you’re gonna showcase the boots, showcase the boots. Just make sure that the rest of your clothes (like elephant leg pants) don’t take away from creating a sleek, slender line.

How do YOU like to wear your favorite pair of boots?

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