Adieu 2-0-1-2

It’s New Year’s Eve, and after a long morning of traveling, I’ve decided that instead of going out and partying, I’m going to stay in…and blog. I’ll spare everyone the “obligatory” end of the year rants and raves of the ups and downs and just say that in a word, my 2012 has been in a word, humbling.

People talk about humility as if it’s an awful thing–like how you’re “humiliated” when someone you’ve fallen in love with shows up at a party with someone else on his arm after you’ve spent hours impressing him, certain that you’ve finally gotten it right in the romance department. Or when you’re sitting in the board room for a presentation and then look down to see that your fly is open…or you have a stream of toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

But I remember a quote a heard once:

“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.”

And indeed, the word humility is actually derived from “humus,” meaning earth. So, I guess it follows that humility is what keeps us grounded. It’s what reminds us that we’re human and that we have our limits. From the loss of a dear friend to a fight that made me realize that sometimes I’m the problem, I’ve certainly been reminded that I don’t know it all. And that’s okay.

So as I close this year, I’m reminded of the lessons that humility has taught me. And I look forward to reaching for the stars, becoming a little more noble, uncovering that side of me that’s bright and shiny. I look forward to taking a few more risks, speaking when I need to, but still remembering that there are times when it’s best to keep my mouth shut. I hope to cross a few things off of my bucket list. And maybe just maybe, when December 31, 2013 rolls around I’ll be writing about another virtue that I hope to have mastered: Courage.

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