I’d Rather be Blogging: My Favorite Taylor Swift Songs

My mind is just bursting with different things that I want to blog about. Thoughts come to me at work, while I’m walking my dog, when I’m cooking and at holiday parties. But then when I sit in front of my computer, I’m at a loss for how to put the words onto screen. My thoughts become too personal, too vulnerable, not as interesting as they were in my head and overall not turned upside downable.

So, to satisfy my desire to write I’ve decided to create a post on my favorite Taylor Swift songs.

I have to say first that I love Taylor Swift. She had me at Fifteen. I love that she hasn’t succumbed to the pressures that have led to the downfall of so many other young, beautiful and talented celebrities. (Ahem…Lindsay Lohan) Aside from that, her music is clean and there are times when a little bit of Taylor Swift Pandora will put me in a great mood.
..or it will at least justify my feelings about the novio who most recently made me wonder “Why do I always pick the losers?”

There are some T. Swift songs that make you remember how sweet she was when she first came out and she was all wide-eyed and just so happy to hear her music on the radio. (Other examples of this: Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl…you get the point.) In Taylor Swift’s case, it’s Tim McGraw. Admittedly, I used to hear it and just say, “I don’t get it.” Then I listened to the lyrics. It actually did bring me back to those times under the Georgia night sky, hearing that special song on the radio.

Many people will agree with me when they say that Taylor Swift has built a pretty good career talking about her relationships that didn’t go the way she expected them to.

My favorite among these is The Story of Us…Not gonna lie. It’s probably because the video was filmed in a library.

But with sweet T-Swizzle falling in love with a Kennedy, people may fear that she’s not going to have the same kind of material to inspire her music. I have no such doubts. Her much hyped Red album has actually yielded one of my current favorite songs. I guess that everyone has had one of those moments where they’ve wanted to give up on relationships but then t hey find that it’s worth it to Begin Again…or maybe I just like that she refers to high heels within the first 10 seconds. And besides, I just love the video…Desserts, pretty dresses, a cute man and riding a bike in a skirt. Everyone wins!:

I, like the millions of fans who absolutely love her, really do hope that she can get back to her Our Song days when she was just madly in love and didn’t care that Mama probably DID know about those late night phone calls. (Do you really think that she didn’t hear the “slammin’ screen door” when you were “sneakin’ out late?”) She just has that sweet way of relating to the teenage girl who thinks she’s in love and yes, the ?? year old woman writing this blog who still has hope.

I have to say, though, when it comes to raw emotion, nothing gets me like this one:

‘Cause really, nothing burns more when you KNOW that you’re the one who caused the heartbreak. But no matter what, if it matters, you still try to fix what you messed up, knowing that if you could only “Go back to December” you’d make things better. Because you have to try.

So really, you can hate on her all you want, but I’m pretty sure that everyone out there can find at least one Taylor song that describes where you are right now in life.

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