Would You Survive The Hunger Games?

ImageOver a year after I read the Hunger Games series, my best friend has finally caught up with me and finished the trilogy, too. She’s obsessed. She has dreams about what she’d do to defeat her competitors and every other conversation with her has something to do with Katniss and Peeta (who we have affectionately begun to refer to as “Peeta bread” since he’s the son of a baker).

One discussion eventually evolved into a conversation over which one of us would survive longer if we were tributes.

Keep in mind that my best friend and I are not “survivor” types. We like the comforts of home, running water and warm beds. Neither of us really knows how to start a fire (and if we did, we’d totally be that girl who gets killed for starting a fire in the middle of the night). We don’t really know how to use weapons…although she has taken some kind of shooting lessons before. (My weapon of choice would probably be a butter knife.) So really, based on these facts, we’d be out after that cornucopia blood bath. However, we did decide that we have a couple of talents that may get us far:

1.) Food Protection-Bestie and I are protective of our food. You look at our food, you get one evil look warning. You touch our food, you die.

2.) Stealthy Packing abilities: It’s been told that I’m capable of packing a weekend’s worth of clothing, toiletries and all other necessities into a pillowcase. I would have found a way to sneak this dress into the arena. I’d then use the flames against my fire-phobic competitors.

3.) We’d actually sucker someone to volunteer for us if our names were pulled out during the Reaping…and if that didn’t work, we’d charm sponsors to shower us with gifts of food, medicine and tools (as we would need all three).

4.) Neither of us are very nice people…except to each other. One conversation with either of us, and the rest of the tributes would pretty much leave us alone…and think we’re crazy.

5.) And really, we’re besties…we’d sacrifice our lives for each other if we needed to…Actually, she’d probably sucker me into dying before she did. All right, Bestie…you win. Just realize I’m going to haunt you as you live it up in Victors Village.

How would you survive if you were in the Hunger Games?

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2 Responses to Would You Survive The Hunger Games?

  1. I feel like I would do ok due to being a cautious person so I wouldn’t be one of the people picked off doing something ballsy and and I’m pretty fast when I need to be. Not sure if it was one on one combat. Hubby and I were Katniss and Peeta for Halloween, with hubby toting a loaf of break =)
    Check out my review http://amandalovesmovies.com/2012/04/02/the-hunger-games/

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