Puppy Love

ImageI love my dog.

ImageI remember when I first got him, he was too afraid to venture down the hallway and pretty much confined himself to the living room. He used to run sideways.

I also remember before he was house-trained and he peed on my bed. And when he actually went outside for the first time, I was so happy and so proud of him.

I’ve been through lots of landmarks with him: his first haircut, his first trip to the vet, his first roadtrip.

Admittedly, sometimes he drives me nuts: like when he won’t stop barking to be let out in the middle of the night or when he wants to jump on me (or guests…sorry ’bout that).


But in the end, I really feel like he’s taught me some things about how to handle relationships with people.

1.) When people don’t feel good, they need to be pampered.-When Toto got neutered, I sat with him all night and fed him…with a spoon.

2.) When you see someone you love, show them how excited you are.-It doesn’t fail. He always greets me at the door with tail wagging and bright, shiny eyes.

3.) Protect your loved ones from danger.-Toto never fails to angrily bark whenever he hears things go bump in the night.

4.) Exercise-Staying healthy is important. And you get rewarded when you do it. In his case, it’s a treat, but in my case, it’s a healthier lifestyle.

5.) Sometimes people just need you to listen.-I swear that this dog knows more of my secrets than anyone. But I love the way that he can just sit and look at me when I need to unload after a bad day. (Yes, I talk to my dog…what loving pet owner doesn’t?)

6.) You’re on the same team.-This is why every Saturday from September-January he wears a Bulldogs collar and I put on my G t-shirts.

So here’s to dogs and the people who love them!

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3 Responses to Puppy Love

  1. yomicfit says:

    So adorable !
    I have 2 shihtzu’s and love them !!!
    There is a great book called,
    “Lessons From A girls best friend” by
    Michelle McKinney Hammond.
    Very good

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