This is How You Lose Her, Part I

I’ve been excited about this book for about a month. I recently listened to an interview with the author, Junot Diaz on NPR and was surprised to see that some of the comments were rather negative. And they were from people who had only read the interview but hadn’t read the book.

It made me think of myself…and my relationships…romantic relationships, work relationships, friendships, all relationships. I’ve said over and over before that “I’m not an open book…That’s why I appreciate people who read.”

I know that I can have an icy exterior. I know that I’m not always easy to get to know. But I also know that when people put some effort into getting to know me, things are just fine.

Getting to know me is like reading a book. You have to open the cover. You have to be willing to turn the pages. You have to think about the words and how they’re strung together. And if you do get to the last page, maybe you’ll be willing to read it again. Maybe you’ll learn something. And maybe if you’re really lucky–you’ll find something special. It just takes a little effort.

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