You are what you Eat: What’s in your Refrigerator?

I have a confession. I judge people based on what they eat, and when I go grocery shopping with people I make assessments of what their lifestyles at home must be like based on what they buy.

For instance, I recently accompanied a friend of mine to the grocery store. Let’s just say he’s a fit, healthy 25-year old male, so I figured his quick stop would be a healthy one. I was pleased to see that he assessed food labels before dropping products into his cart, but I cringed a little when I saw him load two boxes of pop into the cart as well. The one thing my readers should know about my relationship with carbonated beverages is that it is non-existent. I think they’re nothing but empty calories that do nothing but rot your teeth and add unnecessary expenses to your grocery bill. (I excused my friend, though, because he works long hours and can probably use the extra caffeine to get him through the day.)

So, as penance for  my judgment, I offer you a picture of what’s in my refrigerator. Feel free to judge away:

As you can see, there’s really no organization in there. Two boxes of Girl Scout cookies, mochi, lime juice, eggs and a box of chicken broth on the top shelf? That has as much in common as the chickpeas, leftover enchilada sauce, hummus, bread olives and yogurt on the second shelf. Maybe there’s a little bit of reasoning on the bottom shelf with the beverages-milk and water together. (Fun fact: the bottle of water is for my dog. 🙂 He likes filtered water.)

I divide my compartments into three categories: vegetables on the left, fruits on the right and sandwich meat/cheese in the second shelf compartment. I try to keep these well-stocked with whatever is cheap and in season. Right now it’s tomatoes and romaine; mangoes, grapes and avocados. I also picked up some havarti and roast beef that looked good from the deli. I guess it’s gonna be a sandwich week for me.

Last but not least, the sauces on the refrigerator door. I hate that my butter dish doesn’t fit in the butter shelf.  Boo-hoo…:-(  I’ve been advised to keep white wine in the refrigerator, so I do…and believe it or not, I have 4 containers of wine on this door. Two are easy to find. can you see the other two?

As always, the refrigerator feels a little sparse to me, considering the fact that I grew up with a refrigerator that was always well-stocked for a big family. I guess this works ok for  my party of one.

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