A Party of One



I recently read A Party of One: Living Single with Faith, Purpose and Passion by Beth Knobbe…It really impacted the way that I viewed my single life. It also gave me a new perspective on what I personally want and expect from others.

Here are some things I walked away with:

1.) There’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. I live alone, but that doesn’t have to mean that I’m lonely.  Likewise, I can feel lonely when I’m in a room full of people. I’m okay with being alone. I’m not okay with being lonely.

2.) It doesn’t matter if I go out to eat/shop/take walks/ watch a movie alone. No one cares, and if they do…no big deal. They probably won’t see me again. These dates with myself have been rewarding, and I’ve found that some of my greatest thoughts come when I’m out of the house and hanging out with myself.

3.) I’m allowed to throw myself a pity party, but that doesn’t mean that anyone else has to come. Every now and then, I need to shut the door and have a good cry. I DON’T need to have everyone feel sorry for me as I do this.

4.) I’m also allowed to celebrate myself, and again…no one has to come but me. I don’t have to force anyone to participate. I don’t have to have a big bash. I just need to remember that I’m worth celebrating.

5.) And finally…being single isn’t bad. It doesn’t mean that I’m selfish or unattractive. It doesn’t mean that I’m not worthy of a man or too aloof to attract friends. It just means that I’m valuing my time alone while I prepare for something bigger and better.

Maybe I’ll be single for the rest of my life. Maybe I’ll find someone to live this life with. No matter what, I know for sure that I’m taking someone special on this ride.


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