“No No No No No”

I just got home from a visit to see my goddaughter, and I was smitten. She’s a precious one year old with big eyes and chubby cheeks. She has a sweet smile, and I love the way that she slides down the stairs on her tummy.

She’s at the age where she’s just now learning how to string words together, and her favorite phrase is “No no no no no.” In hindsight, I realize that several little humans favor that two letter word since it’s one that we hear several times as we grow up.  But it seems to fall out of our heads as soon as we hit adulthood.

I’ve never found it easy to say no. I want to be there for everyone. I don’t want to disappoint people. Still, I’ve been in a couple of situations where I’ve wanted to just say no to people and have met resistance in doing so. I’ve been in Catch-22 situations where people tell me it’s good to say no (as long as it isn’t no to what they want.)

But I have to ask–why do we become so reluctant to make our own decisions, to say no when we feel like it’s the best response? And why do we look down on people who do say no?

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