Fight or Flight

In the animal kingdom, when in a potentially threatening situation, creatures have one of two options: Fight or flight.

It’s not so different for humans. Maybe we’re not antelope trying to avoid being eaten by a lion or an alpha male (or female) being provoked by a challenger, but we face enough situations where we have just a short amount of time to make a life changing decision.

We can choose to fight, meaning we can risk everything and go to battle with that challenger, whatever or whoever it may be. The result may be winning a prize we deem worthy enough to take a risk for. On the other hand, we can also lose everything-our lives included (either literally or figuratively).

If we choose to flee, we walk away with our lives and everything we had before but gain nothing.

I feel as if I am in this position right now. Fight or flight. Do I step up to the challenge and face my opponent or do I retreat, knowing I may regret not taking the chance.

As I try to decide betwen the two, I notice that I’m running out of time. And I find myself wishing that nature offered a third option.

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