I Miss 5-Year Old Me.

The whole idea of growing up is really getting to me in a way I never really thought it would.

I used to think that growing up would be great. Responsibilities weren’t burdens. They were privileges entrusted to those who had earned the right to take control of their lives and live as they wished.

So I’m surprised that I miss being five years old so much. Sometimes when I’m sitting at my dining room table, paying bills, all I can think about is building the perfect cushion fort.

When I’m at work, I wish that my files were “play files” filled with pictures I had drawn of unicorns and plans for making big bucks at a lemonade stand.

I wish that instead of worrying about the next big project, I was worried about how I could best make my Legos into a castle.

I miss being carefree.  I miss being cared for. I miss peanut butter and jelly sandwiches being the best part of my day. I miss the way that ice cream made a bad day better (Wait…it still does!)I miss  slaying dragons and imaginary friends that never judged you, no matter what.

But most of all, I think I miss the way I knew how to play. I miss the days when my biggest worries were about how to make my mud pies better than the girl next door’s.

Sure, there are a few moments when I remember–times when I choose to run through the sprinklers (metaphorically or literally) rather than sit on the lawn chair. There are times when someone tags me and I run like I’m being chased by a dragon.

But I have to question…why has it become so hard for me to remember how to play?

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5 Responses to I Miss 5-Year Old Me.

  1. Growing up sucks!! But we all have to do it. My secret is to stay young at heart: Run in the sprinklers (literally), ride your shopping cart through the grocery store (people always smile at that one), and ALWAYS hide around the corner waiting to scare the living daylights out of your coworkers!! I’m turning 30 next month, and I REFUSE to act my age!
    Life is short, if you don’t enjoy it you will regret it on your death bed! Go out, do all the things you used to do as a child, and when someone turns their nose up at you, stick your tongue out at them!!!

    • v55173w says:

      I LOVE this comment! I think I’m gonna go out and buy some Legos and get some ice cream…And I will be riding my shopping cart all along.

      • Do it!! Never let your age hold you back from enjoying the simple things in life, and who knows how to enjoy the simple things better than a child?? They can sit in a cardboard box and be a MILLION different things and a million different places!! We all have to get old, but we don’t have to act it! Never lose your imagination!! Heck, I spend most of my work day staring at my computer screen imagining I’m at a beach with a drink in hand and a cabana boy massaging my shoulders!!
        And if you’re really having a hard time re-connecting with your “young self” – go to ToysRUs, it’s impossible to leave there an adult!!

  2. miiu says:

    i just dug out my ancient legos and can’t wait for my two month old kid to reach the age of lego. i, too, refuse to grow up!

  3. v55173w says:

    I went to Disneyland last week…it was the best thing I could do for my five year old self!

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