Two Scoops

I’m sick in bed.

Here are some things you should know about me: I never get sick. And when I do get sick, I suck it up and carry on.

I knew it was bad when I had to pull out all five things that make me feel better when I’m sick.*

Bless you, Baskin-Robbins and all of your delicious flavors.

1.) Ice cream. Usually one scoop will do, but this time I had to have two scoops. And it couldn’t be just any kind of ice cream. I WALKED to the closest Baskin-Robbins and requested a scoop of Jamocha Almond Fudge and a scoop of some Chocolate Fudge Truffle. And I ate.

2.) Crying. No, I’m not talking about a few tears here and there. I’m talking about ugly crying with Niagara Falls, red eyes, and SNOT. Lots of SNOT…while at work. Yes. I cried at work…with SNOT.

3.) Singing karaoke…to myself. Nothing scares germs away like singing off-key…in a nasally voice. My favorites are Wilson-Phillips Hold On and Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby

A handful a day keeps the germies away!

4.) Marshmallows. I don’t know what it is about marshmallows, but there’s something about them that scream comfort to me.

5.) Naptime! Naptime with my puppy–extra special feel better medicine!

What makes you feel better when you’re under the weather?

*I also knew it was bad when I started crying because I wanted cereal for breakfast but didn’t eat it because I knew it was going to get soggy.

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2 Responses to Two Scoops

  1. Being 28 says:

    “Don’t you know things can change
    Things’ll go your way
    If you hold on for one more day
    Can you hold on for one more day
    Things’ll go your way
    Hold on for one more day”

    Sing your heart out loudly, fist pumping the air, let it out and give it your all 😉

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