“Are Zombies Real?” (And Other Stories about Being a Best Friend)

I first met my best friend, who I will refer to as “P,” during my sophomore year in college. I was returning to my campus and she was a fresh off the boat international student. Unlikely pairing, yes, but we bonded over elephants of all things. I had just recently gotten back from a trip to her native country and marveled at the elephants that would roam the streets (elephants in the streets…this should have been the first clue that we were headed for a great friendship) and she said that it actually wasn’t good for the elephants. Most of the ones working in the streets had horrible lives and were abused. And so began a beautiful friendship.

Here’s a list of things that P and I have really done in the course of our friendship:

1.) Learning the words to the OutKast song Bombs Over Baghdad…Yeah! In the slum underground thunder pounds when I stomp the ground. WHOOP!

2.) Asked stupid questions like “Are zombies real?” and “If you don’t trim your arm hair, do they get split ends?”

3.) Walked FOREVER UPHILL in the hot Georgia heat for the sake of a smoothie..and saved aforementioned smoothie cup to commemorate the trip.

4.) Fell asleep in a car in Chicago in the middle of winter…this car was so cold it had frost on the INSIDE.

5.) Demolished everyone’s leftovers at a Chinese buffet

6.) Played Mario Party for 10 hours straight, pausing only to ask our sorority sister to bring home food for us.

7.) Skyped about songs we’d sing if we were to go back to a karaoke bar: Anything by Celine Dion, Hold On by Wilson Phillips, Spice Up Your Life, Natural Woman…

8.) Complained about why people don’t take their shoes off before entering a home and shower before getting into their clean beds. Grrr!

9.) Laughed for hours when P signed up for an advanced African choir class. I have a similar ending up in a class I shouldn’t have been in, but we won’t get into that.

10.) Cried to each other over heartbreaks, bad grades, mean girls and overall challenges of growing up. I couldn’t ask for more from a best friend.

She’s my person.

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