Why I Don’t Hate Adele

I love Adele. No, it’s not just because I’ve jumped the bandwagon after she won 6 Grammys. And no, it’s not because she defies the societal standard of being a size 0. (Come on, I’m a skinny girl.)

Truth be told, if she were any other girl I would probably want to go to her house and steal all of her cookies. Really, who wants to hear about her horrible heartbreak over and over again?

It makes me nutty to hear any other woman talk about how much a man hurt her. (“Get over it already,” I’d say!) It got me to thinking…”What’s so different about Adele?”

First of all, she’s actually doing something with her emotions. I know too many women who talk, talk, talk about men who have done them wrong. They talk about it in the morning, during the evening, at night, while getting a manicure, while brushing their teeth, while folding the laundry and while fingerpainting…and every other time in between. But when they’re done talking about it, they do nothing. Adele, however, put her emotions into thirteen tracks of Grammy goodness. I like to think that Georges Seurat transformed his emotions into dots after some traumatic life experience.

Second, Adele used her emotions to show that sucker who broke her heart that she’s better off without him. I heard that he tried to sue her for the royalties from her 21 album because if it weren’t for the breakup, she wouldn’t have the material. I like to think she showed him a couple of fingers and said “No way, Jose!” In any case, she didn’t lay down and take the abuse. She stood up for herself.

Third, she has an actual marketable trade. I’m completely jealous of people who are extremely talented at something. Adele has a quality in her voice that I haven’t heard anywhere else. Really, I feel like her music can fall into any genre–pop, soul, country even. She’s actually musically talented–it’s not about what she’s wearing or the fire and lights behind her when she performs. She really can sing that well!

Perhaps most importantly, I have no bitterness towards her because her music makes me reflect on my own emotions. I feel like she knows where I’m coming from. If women were an Olympic team, she’d be our flag bearer. Thanks for representing us, Adele.

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