Teenage Dream

Do you remember your teenage love? You know, the person that you were so sure you were going to be with forever even though you were a junior or senior in high school and realistically, marriage, was a good 5-10 years away.

I remember mine. I was 17 years old when I was so sure that something could happen between me and the star of our golf team (yes, I said GOLF TEAM–but before you make fun, remember that I’m from the golf mecca of the world). Of course, that didn’t amount to anything, but I started thinking about him one day when I was listening to the radio and Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream came on.

It made me wonder–why does pop culture (and society in general) refer to the teen years as the “glory years?” After the Katy Perry incident, I started thinking back to some of the other music on my ipod: Alicia Keys Teenage Love Affair and Tyga’s First Tymers. How many times have you heard an adult who’s in love say “I feel like a teenager again?” Is it simply that being a teenager reminds you of being young and fresh when everything was new and exciting? Maybe those feelings of excitement were the case for some people, but all I remember about being a teenage was awkwardness, self-doubt and naivete.

If I were to rewrite Katy Perry’s song, I would include lines about zits, too heavy eyeshadow, ill-fitting clothing, and complete confusion. Sure teenage years are a great time to learn a lot of lessons, but for me, it was far from a dream.

To be honest, when it comes to relationships, I’m still learning. Sometimes it does feel like I’m back in high school where I didn’t really know anything about love. But maybe THAT’S the dream. I’ve always touted the learning process, so maybe that’s why this thing of relationships is believable as a dream. You keep on learning from the good relationships, no matter how awkward they may be.

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