Powerful Beyond Measure

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with some amazing teenage girls and young women. One of the most touching parts of the weekend was when we sat in a circle and identified two things that we loved about ourselves. The answers ranged from being able to make people laugh, making good grades and confidence to butts, freckles and legs. As each female gave her response, it was like a light was moving around the circle.

Still, as we went around the circle, one of the young adults said, “I like my body…and I feel bad about saying that, but I do. I really like my body.”

It seems like that’s a common reaction out in the real world. Why do women feel bad about celebrating our beauty? We call women bitches and snobs when they – even humbly – say that they feel beautiful. We’re “haters” when we see other women accomplish great things. We allow jealousy, doubt and fear to eclipse our own greatness.

Don’t we realize that we are all powerful beyond measure? Half of this world is held up by the hands of women! Our bodies have nourished mankind. We can push melons through an aperture that’s the size of a pea! No man can do that.

I’m making a promise to myself: that I won’t feel bad when I celebrate my belief I’m a good listener, gifted when it comes to working with youth, smart, and patient with everyone I come across. I’m determined to reach my dreams, and believe I’m worth people’s time. On top of that, I like the way I smile, and I think my petite body, nose and ears are really cute…like really cute. 🙂

When women recognize their captivating beauty both inside and out, men who doubt us don’t stand a chance!

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