Just Throw it in the Bag

Pretty much every female I know carries a purse with her. I recently made fun of one of my male friends for carrying what I described a “man purse” and he insisted was a “travel carryall for his food.” I’ve also had male friends ask me, “What is the deal with girls and bags? What do they have in there?” Many men say that purses are unnecessary and full of junk…but then they ask if they can stick their wallets and cell phones in there.
So, I’ve decided to empty out my purse and give you all a glimpse of what’s inside.

1. Rosary-I always have a rosary in my purse, partially because it gives me comfort when I pray and partially because my mother would whoop me if she found out I didn’t have one in there.
2. Eyeglass case-Because I can only work for so long before my eyes get sore and I need to put my glasses on

3. Fan-Yes, a fan. People make fun of this until we’re outside or in an area with no air-conditioning. I whip this out and ask, “Who’s laughing now?”

4. Business Cards and coupons-These are other people’s business cards and coupons to Bath and Body Works. I keep these in an outer pocket so I can access them easily.
5. Speech-This is my speech from this past weekend. I don’t think I really referred to it, which is why it’s rolled up the way it is. I’ve noticed that I roll paper up a lot…I don’t know why.
6. Letter-A letter from a friend that I always keep in my bag. Similar to the rosary, it gives me comfort knowing it’s always with me.
7. Notebook-Because I never know when ideas for my great novel are going to come.
8. Sunglasses-Sometimes I like to put these on and pretend like I’m fly.
9. Keys-So I can get into places
10. Lotion-The soap in the  bathroom at work dries my skin out like mad. Since not washing my hands isn’t an option, I always have lotion on hand. Gotta keep my hands nice and soft….and scented. šŸ™‚

11. Chapstick-‘Cause everyone likes soft lips.

12. Business Cards-These are my business cards. I think I should start giving some out.
13. Coupons-These include coupons for milkshakes and slushies at the local burger joint.
14. Work Keys-Only I know what’s in the secret closets.
15. Pens-I always like to keep two because I like symmetry…and because people borrow and then don’t return them.
16. Wallet-I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without it…but I do think it’s about time for a new one.
17. Jewelry-I have this because I always bring this bag with me when I travel. I stick some of my jewelry into this little pink bag and put it in my big bag to bring on the plane with me rather than putting it in my carry-on. Funny things can happen in those overhead bins.
18. iPod-My iTouch houses my to-do lists, shopping lists and important contacts. Plus, if I did’nt have this baby with me, there would be no chance of anyone ever walking into my office and catching me singing along to some Madonna.

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2 Responses to Just Throw it in the Bag

  1. MuTriaEna says:

    You have jus revealed the worlds greatest secret? why you gotta ruin it like that now? haha but dayum girl how many coach bags u got?i cant tell from the pic but i jus hope thats a matchin coach wallet

  2. v55173w says:

    I've also started carrying around a copy of Ron Clark's book The Essential 55. I love Coach bags. I currently have 4 and am wanting the new tote that just came out. šŸ˜€

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