$17 Penalty

My 10-year high school reunion is coming up. It costs $50 for singles and $75 for couples. I feel like couples are getting a buy one ticket, get the second half off deal and I feel like I’m being fined $12 for being single.

Has anyone else ever noticed that it’s always cheaper for a couple to get into events? But isn’t it easier to entertain one person than two?

As I get older, I’ve started to feel like all the privileges are for couples. How much have I spent on engagement, wedding, baby, and anniversary gifts for my married/engaged/pregnant friends? And how many excuses have I gotten from my my married/engaged/pregnant friends who can’t come out on my birthday because they have to tend to their spouse/fiancee/child?

Maybe it’s time to consider the singles out there.

Or maybe I’m just bitter.

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One Response to $17 Penalty

  1. miss a. says:

    Grab another single girlfriend who's going to the reunion and go as a "couple."

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