I Picked Up My Pen

It’s been about a year and a half since I started with this blog, and just for fun I decided to read over some of my earlier posts. Then I realized that my inaugural post, I Dropped My Fork doesn’t even apply anymore because that so-called “Dreamboat” has sailed away…and now there are so many things that I can’t stand about him. Funny how things can change in one year. Still, I have to admit that my world is still pretty upside-down.

In the 18 months since I started this blog, I’ve had numerous conversations about relationships, and I recently told someone that I really want to end up with a man who I can potentially learn from every day. The reaction: “Wow…that’s a pretty high expectation.” I never thought it was, but that response made me sit and think about whether or not trying to learn something from someone else is realistic at all. And it made me wonder, too, “Are my expectations too high? Is it even possible to learn something new everyday?”

I’ve always had a passion for learning and I’ve always thought that it was important to surround myself with people who challenge me and the way that I think. But now I wonder…is it even possible? So I’m starting an experiment that I’ll be documenting on a new blog: The Eternal Classroom. In the Eternal Classroom, I’ll be documenting the new somethings I learn each day. Stay tuned. So here I go…I’m picking up my pen, and I’m ready to learn.

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