Gobble Gobble!

So it’s Thanksgiving…my presentation may not be that great, but I sure did enjoy stuffing myself like a little turkey!

I only made the turkey breast because I only eat the white meat anyway. As I was making this, I kept on thinking about what Malia Obama said when her father pardoned the turkey, Courage. “It looks like a really big chicken.” You can’t tell in the picture, but it’s actually stuffed with pistachios and different herbs.

Individual apple-zucchini stuffing servings….because everyone likes the crispy part the best! This way, everyone gets their own crispy bits.

Mashed potatoes and chipotle gravy…chipotle because I can’t just make regular gravy. Gotta spice it up a bit!

The ever classic staple, green bean casserole, which despite that recipe on the Campbell’s soup can, I refuse to make with canned beans. These were fresh!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a phyllo dough MASTER! These pumpkin tarts were delicious!

Thanksgiving may end at the close of the day, but be thankful for what you have everyday!

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