Twitter > Facebook.

It seems like everyone these days uses at least one social networking website. Many people use a combination of MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (I’d like to merge them all into one and call it Link My Face You Twit…but that’s another story) for professional networks, keeping in touch with friends or simply satisfying their own needs for attention. I’ve asked myself, “What’s the big deal? Why can’t people just call or visit each other anymore?

The answer is simple: Interaction via the internet is convenient, easy and dare I say it…just plain entertaining. MySpace is where you go when you want to promote your “talent” with a cheesy twinkling glittery background. YouTube is where you go when you want to post videos of your cat dancing the cha-cha while tapping out mariachi music on the piano with its tail (Ok…maybe a little exaggerated, but there’s some weird stuff on YouTube). LinkedIn is where you go to post your resume and find your next job. I have a MySpace account that I never log into anymore. I’ve never had LinkedIn. And I only go to YouTube to find music videos, how to tutorials or clips of my favorite TV shows.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Facebook for about 3 years, and while I had fun for a while, I eventually got so annoyed that I started deleting friends who I never spoke to, who constantly talked about their drama, kept on posting annoying quizzes about what Twilight character they would be, who friended me because Facebook told them to or who friended me just so they could pump their own egos and say they had 1000+ Facebook friends. Then I started “hiding” activity that was clogging my NewsFeed. Did I really care about who you just friended or what events you’ll be attending? NO! As Facebook started to decide for me what I wanted to know about my friends and post ads about meeting single men in my area, it became more and more unattractive.

I thought about deactivating my account but decided against it for the sake of a few people who I wanted to keep in touch with. Meanwhile, I had a few Twitter invites in my email inbox. I took a look and thought “Glorified Facebook status” and ignored them all. As Facebook became more and more annoying, I started to take a second look at the forum for 140 characters or less. I’m now proud to say that I’m beginning to favor it over Facebook.

Here’s why:

1.) No more annoying friend suggestions, fan pages, groups or applications to approve or reject.

2.) If someone wants to follow you, they can. If you want to follow them, you can, but you’re not required to. Twitter relationships don’t have to be mutual.

3.) The possibility of Tyra Banks, Jay Sean, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Alicia Keys or even the President himself of ever communicating with me goes WAY up. You can’t say that about Facebook.

4.) Practice in pith. Once you hit 140, that’s it! Some people call it the death of the English language. I take it as a challenge to be more succinct…and to be clever with short quips about everyone else’s Tweets.

5.) Trending topics. The ones on thinnest books ever written are hilarious.

6. It’s so much easier to follow blogs that I like and find information that’s relevant. The shorter entries are easy to filter through and I only click on links that I decide are interesting to me.

7.) SIMPLICITY. There are no profiles where you expose your favorite quotes, likes, dislikes, contact info, or birthday. Just brief pearls of information to get you thinking.

8.) No need to feel like I have to talk in 3rd person because my posts start with v55173w, not my real name. I still remember how much it hurt when status updates on Facebook automatically started with “is” and how annoyed I would get when I would see statuses like “Sue is I love to eat!”

I’m sure this list will continue to grow…or I’ll be one of the 60% who leaves Twitter within a month. But so far, things are looking up.

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