It’s Lonely on Top…

It’s not easy being on top. With the power comes responsibility.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Barack Obama and the responsibilities that he has on his shoulders as President of the United States; the leader of the free world. Millions of people watched him take the oath of office. People around the world are placing their hope on his shoulders. It’s got me wondering…how does he sleep at night? How does he get through his day with that kind of pressure?

I’ve held my share of leadership positions, and I’ve had my share of challenges while in those positions. I know that I can rely on people who I’m working with, and I know that they’re responsible enough to take care of their responsibilities. But then again, when you’re on the top of the human pyramid, there’s nowhere to go but down. And if the people on the lower rungs don’t pull their weight, the one on top falls the hardest. And everyone laughs at the person on top who comes tumbling to the ground.
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One Response to It’s Lonely on Top…

  1. Tip Fallon says:

    I think as long as you have good friends (and fam) you won't get lonely. And tumbling to the ground isn't all bad – gives you time to pick up dropped forks.

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