I Dropped My Fork.

“I dropped my fork.”

Those were the first words that came out of my mouth when I told my best girlfriend when I met a man who caught my eye.

I was enjoying a delicious lunch with some friends when it happened. He (let’s call him Dreamboat) walked into the room and I swear I heard Cutting Crew’s “I Just Died in your Arms Tonight” playing in the background. My eyes just followed him as he walked around and then finally took a seat.

I’m pretty sure that I gasped out loud. And then it happened. I dropped my fork. You can easily say, “So what…who cares?” But the truth is that I take mealtimes very seriously. I can’t be bothered when I’m eating. I like to savor every little morsel that enters my mouth. If you bother me while I’m eating, you really should be careful…or else I might eat you!

At this point, I can barely remember what I was eating at that moment. All I could think of was, “Who is this beautiful creature and where did he come from?” No kidding, this man was gorgeous, and when I think of him now, I still hear 80’s music.

I also think of later on when I had the chance to speak to him, but I couldn’t think of anything meaningful to say. It reminded me of those awkward elevator scenes between Meredith and McDreamy (oh my gosh, Dreamboat is MY McDreamy!) on Grey’s Anatomy. I would open my mouth but no words would come out. Or worse, I would open my mouth and some silly schoolgirl giggle would come out. No joke. The schoolgirl laugh came out of my mouth.

My world has been turned upside down. And no matter what happens now, I don’t think I can forget that day when I dropped my fork.
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